Direct Primary Care

Complete primary care for all your needs. We offer Medical services, labs, and prescriptions upon request. Transparent pricing for all in house services.

Direct Primary Care Services

Direct Primary Care or DPC is a new approach to primary care. All of our medical services are CASH. We are able to offer these services at discounted prices because we do not have to adjust or negotiate for insurance. This allows us to spend more time with each patient to improve your overall care.

The number of Americans who say they cannot afford physician visits has increased over the past two decades, study suggests. Reuters (1/27, Rapaport) reports a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine suggests that "a growing number of Americans find it too expensive to see doctors even though more people have health insurance." Researchers found that while "the proportion of adults without insurance" decreased from 16.9% to 14.8% over the past two decades, "the proportion of adults unable to afford doctor visits climbed from 11.4% to 15.7%"

St. Joseph's Only Direct Primary Care Office

We offer affordable health care options through our Direct Primary Care Services without the insurance headache. Your time is valuable and your health is our only concern. At Reveal Wellness, we want to know your name, not your insurance number.

Member Fees

  • Sign-Up Fee (One Time/Person)-$50 individual-$85/month
  • Couple-$150/month
  • Family (additional/person)-$20/month

Services Included in Membership

  • Yearly Wellness Labs*
  • Hormone Consult
  • General Visit
  • General Physical
  • Second Visit Within the Same Month

Complete primary care for all your needs. We offer medical services, labs, prescriptions upon request. Transparent pricing for all in house services.


Sports and/or General physicals (pre-participation physical examinations) done to assess health and identify any potential risks or medical conditions which may affect ability to participate in activity safely.

Yearly Wellness Exam

Annual exam to monitor overall health.

Routine Office Visit

Physical exam to monitor health and any ongoing medical concerns.

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